Podcast EP#6 | Finding Sufficiency in a World of Abundance with Lynn Twist

Episode 6 of The Jack Canfield Podcast:

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Lynn Twist, a renowned global visionary transformational leader, author, and activist. Lynne has dedicated her life to ending world hunger and then to creating a world that works for everyone through creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet we call Earth. 

As a co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance,  Lynn’s also fostered a unique partnership with the indigenous Auchar people of the Amazon rainforest, whom I got to meet and get to know through Lynn taking a group of us, including my wife, Inga to meet with them in Ecuador. In part of our discussion, we’ll discuss Lynn’s work with the Pachamama Alliance and the predictions that the Auchar people have made about the future of our planet, which I think you’ll find quite profound.  

Lynn’s most recent book is entitled Living A Committed Life and it explores the power of intention and commitment in creating meaningful change in the world. Our conversation will dive into the lessons she shares in this book as well as her book The Soul of Money, and how they can inspire all of us to live with greater purpose, clarity, and passion. 

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Tune in as we explore Lynn’s insights on living a committed life, her experiences working with indigenous wisdom, the importance of coming together to protect our planet for future generations, and you can begin answering the question: Where can I acknowledge sufficiency, even if the world frames it to be scarcity? 


🎯Inside this powerful episode:

  • Powerful Storytelling: Lynn shares a story from her latest book and the inspiration that sparked it all. (2:15) 
  • Rising To The Challenge:  Explore the willingness to further awaken, in order to change the dream of the modern world (8:28) 
  • Answering The Call: Hear about the shamanic journeying experience that sparked Lynn’s work with the Pachamama Alliance (13:07) 
  • Honoring Your Role: Leading a life committed to something larger than just our own (22:32) 
  • Through The Eyes of The Oracle: discover the prophecies about the 21st century that Lynn received from the Auchar people (29:13) 
  • Building Abundance: Learn the distinction between abundance and sufficiency & the three toxic myths of commercial cultures (32:15) 
  • The Gift in COVID: Receiving the feedback necessary for evolution and the birthing of a new way of life (40:12)  
  • Balancing Priorities: Lynn’s story about honoring family and community while still prioritizing purpose and mission (44:04) 

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